Success in the Global Forex Market is only a few mouse clicks away!

CFX was developed by professionals that have always wanted more from life. The group includes professionals and experts in project management, network marketing, financial markets and includes a highly trained staff in the educational arena. The CFX team shares a passion to help its members master their own financial independence and success.

Excellent company that does what they say. I joined a little over 1 month ago and already earned 4 times what I put in and have upgraded to a higher investment level already. Also learned a lot through the online Academy on Forex trading.

Jeff Manson

August 06, 2020


Cash FX Group

The CFX corporate officers are in Panama City, Panama. This 10,000sq. ft facility will allow all key CFX Corporate team members to operate in one location.

The offices have an open-door policy to all CFX global family members, with board rooms for CFX senior staff personally meet members that travel to Panama.


Why The Forex Market

Forex is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world

Most flexible risk management strategies available

Daily traded average: $5.30 Trillion USD

You can leverage and compound capital to maximize gains

Historically proven to be recession-proof

Traded 24hrs a day, 5 days a week


High Quality Service For You

Web TV & Web Indicators

Marketing Tools

CFX Academy

CFX Reward Plan

Leadership Program


Our clients Most Valuable Words

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Brenda Reyes Client

I joined Cash FX Group since it opened. It is a totally transparent company.

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Leandro Camero Client

The best I've seen. In just 6 months my contract package can be upgraded. You don't necessarily have to network to obtain those great benefits that this great company offers us.

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Victor Miguel

I have been operating in this company for 7 months, I managed to increase my package and continue to learn and receive benefits, thanks to the trading pool that the company carries out, which allows us to have a profit, apart from learning in Forex.

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