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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Services (PMS), is an investment portfolio in stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products, and other individual securities, managed by a professional money manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor, who owns units of the fund.

Investment solutions provide a niche segment of clients. The clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth.

Types of Portfolio Managements

Discretionary Portfolio management services

The investment in discretionary portfolio management is at discretion of the fund manager & client has no intervention in the investment process. Client gives the authority to portfolio manager to manage the securities in the portfolio.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio management services

In non discretionary portfolio management services, the portfolio manager can only suggest the investment ideas to client but the client has full right to take his own decisions.

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Need for Portfolio Management

We present  the best investment plan to the individuals as per their income, budget, age and ability to undertake risks. We help you to minimize the risks involved in investing and also increases the chance of making profits.

The objectives of this portfolio management process is to maximize the value of the portfolio, achieve strategic objectives with the portfolio, and seek balance across portfolio development projects and products. We can assist with developing an organization’s portfolio management process, providing training, and facilitating portfolio planning sessions with management.


Portfolio Management Service is an art of making decisions about investment mix and policy to match their investments portfolio management to objectives, strategically allocate assets and to mitigate risk. Financial Portfolio Management is an attempt to maximize return for a given appetite of risk. PMS Investment runs a more concentrated portfolio of 15-20 stocks. They can either be Passive-simply tracking the index or Active-aim to beat the market return by actively managing the fund. A PMS investment can be a Discretionary PMS allowing the fund manager to take decisions without the client’s consent or can be a Non-Discretionary PMS investment wherein the funds are managed in accordance with the directions of the client and the client takes all the PMS investment decisions.

Portfolio management services brings value to your PMS investment by bringing about the right mix of Direct Equity and Mutual Funds, Professional Management and right diversification. It relieves the investor from monitoring all hassles along with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility and makes it an ideal avenue for high net worth investors. Retail investors build financial portfolio management on tips or popularity of stocks, however, Fund managers buy stocks on conviction.

There are two types of PMS i.e. Discretionary PMS and Non-Discretionary PMS.

In discretionary portfolio management service, the Portfolio Manager individually and independently manages the funds and securities of each client in accordance with the needs of the client. Under the non-discretionary portfolio management service, the Portfolio Manager manages the funds in accordance with the directions of the client.


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